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Recolorable Community Lot Signs

These are default replacement signs edited to be castable with 4 color channels. Most of these signs are for Community lots and can be found in BuyDebug or the Misc Decor Category. Put them in your mods folder and CASt away. Enjoy!

Note: The Elixir Shop sign is a bit pixely and did my best to clean it up. I did leave all the original Overlays as a second preset option in case you like the original for some reason. 

Name List & EP Requirement

  1. Vampire Sign - Supernatual EP 
  2. Uni Gym Sign - University EP
  3. Uni Sign Version 2 - University EP
  4. Hipster Version 2 - University EP
  5. Pool Sign - Supernatural EP
  6. Warehouse - Supernatural EP
  7. Uni Sign Version 1 - University EP
  8. Hipster Version 1 - University EP
  9. Elixir Shop - Supernatural EP

Download Link  

OneDrive - packages

Non-Default Version - packages

Terms of Use

Do what you want with it, after all it’s just pixels. But DO NOT re-upload, put on a pay website, or adfly.

I track the tags Mspoodle & Mspoodle1 and would love to see how you use them in game.

I had a question about the zombie challenge. I saw you doing it and it looked like so much fun but I'm having issues getting zombies to appear. How do I start it off? I have NRAAS Vector and Shimrod's More Biting mods but the one sim I did get infected wouldn't bite anyone :c


You must initiate the outbreak with Vector manually. Click on the townhouse -> NRAAS -> Vector, then there’s an option to start the outbreak (sorry, I play with the German translation). I’ve set the number of patient zeros to 5, and the infection spread like wildfire. It took only 48 hours and everyone was a zombie (except my household).

I did it! Default replacements of the Seasons wildflower vase
Simply drop the package in your Mods\Packages folder and enjoy!

Many thanks to cmomoney for directing me to where this mesh lives in game and thanks to Jonesi’s meshing tutorial!


Need to work out some transparency issues…
(any help or ideas would be welcome!)

Brighten up any room with fresh-from-the-field wildflowers!
Coming soon

Brighten up any room with fresh-from-the-field wildflowers!

Coming soon

Gettin’ somewhere!

Hi again! It shouldn’t surprise you that I have -yet- another new project and still haven’t finished any of my others. haha

This time it’s a default replacement for that heinous wildflowers vase. They’ll now be placed in a more Generations roses type vase, as soon as I can work out the texture kinks :)


You know what I’d really love to have in game? Some flags and pennants for festivals in game! :) I’ve been looking for these for thegame but I couldn’t find anything like that so I assume there is nothing like that yet.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be with the American flag but maybe something with green and white and plumbobs :) That’d be really cool :D

Not that I’m great at finishing the projects I start, but, in case I can ever get around to playing with this…


Ayden’s Tattoos

Seeing as Ayden has now become Circe, I have no more use for her tattoos. It’d be a shame to waste them, so here you go :)

For more pictures of them, you can search my tags for /Ayden and find them. If you are reblogging these, please add the tag #sims nsfw because of dah butts.

TOU: Do not reupload, claim as your own or link via or any other pay sites. You are also not allowed to edit them in any way, shape or form even for personal use. Don’t be naughty with them.

Download: Mega

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